Is my service guaranteed?

Each service is covered by our workmanship guarantee, covering specialists' mistakes, which may occasionally happen. We are only human. If, for any reason, there is an issue with your service. We will come back to fix it at no charge. This guarantee includes wrongly installed items and unfulfilled service due to the team's negligence.

Note: The workmanship guarantee is not valid for damages or issues due to the failure of the manufacturer, delivery, or client. The same service team/specialist(s) must return to assess and rectify all installation issues.

Not covered by the workmanship guarantee

  • Over 48 hours from the last appointment
  • Free installation of a different item as a replacement for the damaged or wrongly installed item
  • Damage or wrongly installed items due to the fault of the client
  • Missing parts and hardware due to the fault of the manufacturer
  • Damages or issues due to the fault of the manufacturer, delivery, or client
  • A new team assigned to assess the repairs (the same team must return)
  • Services not provided by On Point Assembly

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