What is the service fee?

On Point Assembly believes in providing our clients with exceptional service from the first moment of contact to the end of the service. Therefore, the Service fee is an essential part of our business to help us improve and continue our ongoing support for both our clients and our team.

What does this fee cover?

  • Support Team
  • Recruiting Specialists
  • The $1m Insurance Coverage
  • The On Point Promise

How we invest in our Support Team?

To better serve our clients, we will invest in our support team extensively by implementing better customer support tools (ex. live chat). Sometimes it's better to communicate with our clients on a more personal level with real people handling any issues that may arise or to book the next appointment with On Point Assembly.

How we invest in recruiting Specialists?

Our Specialists are highly experienced professionals from various backgrounds with strong, amazing personalities. We will invest extensively in our hiring process, ensuring each specialist is correctly educated and trained. The heart of our business relies heavily on our team, and investing in them by implementing new qualification tests and systems is an essential part of our commitment to bringing the best possible service.

How we invest in our Insurance Coverage?

Our Insurance covers bodily and property damage incidents up to $1,000,000 caused by our specialists. Be worry-free knowing you're in good hands. When you use our services, you can be assured that we have you covered for any damages that may occur during any unusual events caused by our specialists.

How we invest in the On Point Promise?

We understand that client satisfaction with our services isn't always accomplished. Therefore, we will continue improving our On Point Promise to serve everyone better. Improving this area will bring more features within our booking process, better competitive rates and discounts for our clients, and boosting our team's morale with the improvement of our company's culture.